My name is Michael Robison. My passion is meeting people where they are and leading them to life in Christ. I have a desire to see people fall passionately in love with Jesus. I feel called to the broken, messy and unlikely....people like you and me!

I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world. Allison is my best friend and my greatest supporter. She has been the reason for my success in life, family and ministry.

Allison and I have 5 very awesome kids. Our oldest, Evan is 8, and a redhead in every sense! Noah is 7 and a sports freak even at such a young age. Kaia is 5, and our drama queen addition from Ethiopia! Karis is our newest addition from Haiti, she is a miracle story girl. And finally.... Judah is 6 months old and one amazingly cute dude!

Both Allison and I, feel that God has called us to a lifetime of ministry and a lifestyle of ministry. Every aspect of our lives is spent and designed to make the most of each day as we work to reach people. We want to teach our children that serving God’s Church is a privilege, honor and seriously fun! We love who, what and where God has called us to. We cannot imagine a life that is any different than the one that God has given us.

I love the church, the business world and more than anything people! We have discovered a unique new way of rolling business and ministry into one. I have not only launched and re-launched churches, but also a few of local businesses that help fund and provide for ministry. We use our influence in the business world to open doors for ministry and relationships. 

And... Anyone who knows me knows that I love great music, tattoos, hiking, exploring, traveling and writing. One of my greatest passions in life is Haiti. I have been serving there and loving that country for almost 12 years! My family and I have decided the only way to vacation is on a cruise ship, Disney Cruises to be exact! I love reading the classical favorites and great modern biographies. And... I am a classically trained musician and composer. I love having my hands in every aspect of life, art, ministry and more!