Questions Every Growing Leader Must Ask

The mark of a growing leader is the willingness to learn. Growth happens through self-awareness and assessment. I have found, over many years of leading, that there are a few specific questions that leaders must ask themselves in order to grow. 

The answers to each of these questions will help you gauge your potential, discover your barriers and enlighten you to areas of opportunity. And, the best leaders will encourage their team to ask the same questions. As a mater of fact, the healthiest  leaders, teams and organizations will spend time sharing their answers and support each other in the process of growth. 

Take some time to ask yourself the following questions! 

1. What is one thing I do that everyone wishes I would no longer do? Key leaders tend to touch too many aspects of their organization. And, in doing so you can create tension. You also run the risk of hindering someone else's growth and potential by doing their job. And, if we get really honest, that one thing is not your strength. You can have greater wins by letting go! 

2. Am I empowering other people? This is crucial. No one can win alone, you need a team. Sure, there's a risk that when you empower someone else that they might fail. But, if you aren't empowering others, you are securing your own failure. Empowering the people around you will help you build the best team and the best organization possible. 

3. Am I ignoring anything? This can be a hard question for us to answer. The truth is, there is always something we wish wasn't present in ourselves or our organization. But, ignoring the issue may cost you growth, revenue or impede your potential. This may be an issues with budget, a staff change or some other factor that will create discomfort. But, avoiding the discomfort is a sure sign you're unwilling to grow. 

4. Am I looking for leaders? The greatest legacy we can leave as leaders is discovering other leaders. Look around you. Be aware of the people who are leading at every level. Identify those people, recognize those people publicly, empower those people and encourage those people. After all, you won't be the leader forever. Your legacy will be seen in who replaces you in the future. 

Are there other questions you have found to be crucial for the growth of yourself and other leaders? 

Stories Matter

We all have a story, and our story maters! Today I want to share with you one of my favorite stories about forgiveness. This is my friend MiMi and she has a powerful story of forgiveness. I hope this story bring hope to you and inspires you! After meeting MiMI the day we filmed, she has become one of my good friends and a regular in our home. This woman has such a beautiful heart. I have learned so much from doing life with her. (This was one of my highlights of pastoring in Texarkana, Texas in 2016 for a short while!)

Six Enemies of Change

Change is a crucial part of life. Change is the only constant we will ever truly know. But, change comes with discomfort. Change is not readily accepted or celebrated. And, change can create conflict and tension. 

As leaders it is important that we understand change, embrace change and work with change to succeed in our journey. 

Here are six enemies of change that can halt or even destroy growth in your organization. 

1. Pride. Pride tends to hold the belief that one way is the best way. Pride can come from anywhere. It can come from us as leaders believing we know best. Pride can come from our team who believes they have the best answers. Overcoming pride means letting go of control and being willing to listen and learn. 

2. Fear. Fear can drive most any aspect of life. But, fear most often comes from a negative emotion and response, and the results tend to be negative as well. When fear drives us, it becomes a hinderance to growth and strength. Face your fears head on, with honest and transparent understanding. 

3. Distrust. You cannot lead through and support your organization through changes without trust. You need trust with your team, your followers and your audience. This requires time, patience and clear communication. Without trust, you will almost never be able to move forward. 

4. Comparison. This is a deadly trap. You will absolutely waste your potential if you are pursuing someone else's dream or vision. And, your success and the success of others will always be different. Comparison is a distraction and drains the necessary energy needed to effectively lead change. 

5. Ignorance. This should be an obvious enemy of change, but it usually is not. If you deal with pride, ignorance is it's closest companion. If you assume your way is best, you will often forego the counsel and wisdom of others. Learn to listen, take time to read and always be willing to admit weakness or failure. 

6. Apathy. This is simply a nice way of saying laziness. This usually happens when a leader assumes that things will never change because "that's the way it's always been done". Nothing will kill the morale and momentum of your team and your organization than apathy. You have to lead change with boldness and energy! 

Have you experienced any of these enemies of change? Are you still wrestling with them right now? What steps will you take to overcome these enemies of change?